Most of the UK has been hit by swathes of thick fog as the trend towards vaping hit new post Christmas highs with cloud chasers turning their voltage up to the max.
The sweet smelling mist has caused low visibility across the South East, South West and Midlands with some areas hit more severely with aromatic festive ‘flavours’.
Dr Cumulus, of the University of Weather, said: “We can put the low visibility we have been experiencing down to the availability of Christmas novelty liquids alongside hi-power boxmod-subtank set-ups producing an amount of chug previously unseen.  Unfortunately we can only expect conditions to get worse as millions are expected to take up e-fags on 1 January in their attempts to wean themselves off cigars.
But Mr Koh Gengo  CEO of Vape Me inc, vape manufacturers, rebutted concerns saying: “There is nothing to worry about, it’s healthier than tabs, and the Christmas pudding aroma brings extra festive cheer”
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