Fossils pack their bags

Fossils embedded in 95 miles of Jurassic Coast in England are likely to leave if a planned off-shore wind farm goes ahead it has emerged.
The off-shore wind farm, due to be built 14.6 kilometres (or 9.1 miles) from Swanage, has angered the fossils who fear they may be able to see the wind turbines on a clear day.
Some of the fossils were heard to say:
“This is the worst thing to have happened in 185 million years – and we are a World Heritage Site. It isn’t just the look of the turbines we object to it is the sound too – we have heard they can be noisy and even though they will be nine miles away we will probably be able to hear them.
“Also no-one has explained how they will work. It’s very well saying they will produce energy but how will the turbines turn? until someone explains that we think the whole scheme is a waste of money”
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