Scientists undertaking research at the University of Science published their results today in the Journal of Brains.
The study looked at the difference between male brains and female brains, with expert brain scientists studying the differences.
Scientist, Professor Brains, explained how the study worked:
“Brain scientists took photocopies of brains and a packet of felt tips. first they thought about male brains whilst drawing on the illustration. As you can see, when thinking about male brains the scientists took a conservative colour, blue, and scribbled in an orderly way all over the brain picture.
“Next the brain scientists looked at female brains. Unable to stay focussed on the brains, the scientists kept changing felt tip colour, and just scribbled all over the picture.”
Professor Brains said that the research was important and useful in understanding multitasking, parking cars, reading maps, and gossiping but had its limitations. He said: “We need to carry out further research to understand what this really means for both men and women, and most importantly for brain science.”
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