Full of promise – the Watch Shop advert

A party of children were bitterly disappointed this weekend by a trip to the Reading Watch Shop.  Seven year old Jayden had begged is mum to take him to the all white theme park following an intensive advertising campaign over Christmas.
His mum Stacey said:
“Jayden was so exited about Watch Shop and begged us to have his party there. We said he could – and let him bring three of his friends along too.”
But when Jayden and his friends reached the Reading store they disappointed. Stacey said:” As soon as we  got to the entrance I realised something was wrong. It wasn’t white for a start. The kids were keen to be using the gravity defying upside down stairs but they were nowhere to be seen.
Watch Shop Reading
“pretty much it was just laminate floors and display cases. We asked about the moving floors but it was clear they were not working, if they even existed, in fact there was nothing interactive at all.”
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