Hundreds of thousands of people living in the south of England woke to find their ears bleeding this morning as the deafening sound of the manufacture of wind turbine blades started on the Isle of Wight.
The blades which are being made from the loudest materials known to man cannot be handled without creating ear drum busting noise, and the manufacturing process involves bringing these materials together to create sounds so loud and offensive they have never been heard before.
Squib Report contacted the company, based on the Isle of Wight to find out more but just could not hear their comments over the incredible racket.
It is thought however that without this engineering feat of noise pollution it just would not be possible to hear the turbines once installed thirteen miles off the coast of Bournemouth.
A Bournemouth resident said:
“It doesn’t surprise me that they are putting this effort into solving the acoustics issue. It would have been difficult to hear the turbines thirteen miles away otherwise, especially over the noise of the traffic.  It is good to see innovation in engineering. ”
the turbines which will be installed by 2018 are the first in the world to be manufactured using a new 360 degree visual substance. This will ensure that the turbines are visible even when people are not looking at them, another important part of the manufacturing process.
Once installed the turbines will be hooked up via cables which will help the farm suck the energy from households in the south of England then use the energy to electrocute migrating birds.
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