Apple today launched it’s iphone11+, a new phone with a new twist – it is much harder to use, to the point it is designed only to be accessible to the most intelligent 10% of the population.
The iPhone11+ will use some or all of the following components to test if the user has the necessary intelligence to be able to use the device:
Verbal reasoning (VR)
Non-Verbal reasoning (NVR)
Mathematics (MA)
English (EN)
Whilst some have welcomed the new phone, as an opportunity for those who are brighter to show publicly how they excel, others have criticised the phone, calling it socially divisive.
Focus groups found that users on the borderline of being able to use the new iPhone11+ were more likely to master it if they came from middle-class families.
For example, apps about the role of household servants or classical composers were easier for middle classes to use but far less familiar to those from less wealthy or less educated backgrounds.
Caught in the hype, many middle class families are paying thousands of pounds to be coached in how to use the iPhone11+ fearing friends will otherwise think they are thick.
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