Top posh baby names for 2017 announced

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img_0468Celebrities have long been surprising us with unusual baby names, from Charlotte and George to Oliver and Olivia.

But The Squib Report annual list of top ‘posh’ baby names has taken the quest to dizzy new heights, advising its readers on some of the more unusual titles that will make your little one seamlessly fit into high society later in life.


Here is the official top ten list for 2017:


  1. Pompous
  2. Fire
  3. Jim Blob
  4. Flies
  5. Tyranny
  6. Steak
  7. Entitled
  8. Charmer
  9. Limp
  10. Crackling


  1. Snowflake
  2. Orkney Isle
  3. Jackie
  4. App
  5. Pairy Frincess
  6. Weary
  7. Chinese
  8. Giblets
  9. Whoo
  10. Prom Queen