LED street lights causing chaos

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The rollout of LED streetlights across Bournemouth has left a trail of chaos this week as residents have told of unexpected side effects.
Elderly people have complained that vibrations from the LED bulbs, which have replaced sodium bulbs in a bid to save cash for the town, can be heard as a bass sound by women over the age of 90, and men over the age of 95.

97 year old Alfred Beeswax has taken time to research the sound and claims to have identified it as the ’70s and ’80s funk and disco sound ‘French House’.
Fellow sufferer Ethel Bypass 92 said: “It’s typical, EU laws forcing the council to to change the bulbs to so called ‘energy efficiency’ and we are the ones to suffer with this foreign muck. If we could get out of the EU at least we could increase the BPM and have some ‘Hard House’ instead.


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