Mixed reports on ‘being Marcus Edgar’

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The cosplay craze – ‘being Marcus Edgar’ swept through Bournemouth last night leaving participants with mixed opinions on what life as Marcus Edgar might be like.

Hot and itchy

Itchy and hot

Itchy, hot and slightly hungry

One bearded participant reported a distinct feeling of unease:

“I feel Itchy, hot and slightly hungry

“however I can empathise with him so much more now”

Warm and fuzzy

Warm and fuzzy

warm and fuzzy

But others had a different view on the experience reporting that overall the feelings were good. One was heard to comment:

“I felt lovely. Warm and fuzzy. I smelt of cedarwood and when I went to bed I had a very satisfying dream about fonts.”

Lifestyle choice

Lifestyle choice

Lifestyle choice

It has emerged that at least one ‘being Marcus Edgar’ cosplayer  has committed to maintaining a life of ‘being Marcus Edgar’. Asking friends and family to respect her lifestyle choices, she said

“I woke up this morning and realised I am only truly happy in the skin of Marcus Edgar.”