1 in 2 thought Brexit was a new cereal.

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bowl-Nesquik-cereal-breakfastEngland tries to google it’s way out of brexit after realising vote was not a marketing campaign for a new cereal.

Joe Bananas was quoted as saying, ‘we get so many of these offers in the post I just thought that the EU was a bit like nestle or something. I did wonder why so many politicians were getting involved.’

Sim P Lepete said, ‘I thought free movement was an indicator of added fiber in the cereal and that sovereignty was a sort of added sugar.’

A westminster source has smacked himself on the forehead and said, ‘so that’s why everyone was googling what is the EU on friday. Makes sense.’

David Cameron has said he will be putting his efforts into making the cereal Britain wants now he is out of a job.

The rest of us are going to live in Portugal, not for EU, for the weed.